Anfa limited company which take the capital of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia al riyadh abode for it recently, was before that in the state of Kuwait and was dealing with versus activities. development of the projects, construction and contracting, industry, and trade Anfa was established in 2001,and since then its name was synonymous for innovation and excellence in the field of construction and its success is embodied in this scope in the group of the various projects carried out by it in different scopes, which yielded for company's expansion, to open branches, and to open the first industry for Anfa company that is Anfa factory for renewable energy in Sdair Industrial City, on 5000square meter area approximately to produce solar panels .The idea of establishment of the solar factory comes after the experiment of installIing solar panels for some projects which were executed by it previously, to comply with the kingdoms vision for 2030, and the administrative committee of Anfa company has decided to establish this factory to be the industrial arm for the company .